Everyday with bellelavie_Day 16

Posted November 09, 2013 by Jule Cho


Fall is already here! Enjoy this beautiful season with your children!
This unisex jeggings is stylish and comfy for everyday activities!

Star Jeggings

Everyday with belle la vie_Day 15

Posted November 05, 2013 by Jule Cho

 A cute sweater, meets the timeless classic. Check pattern sleeves make him stand out.

Checked Sleeve Sweater.

Everyday with bellelavie_Day 14

Posted October 23, 2013 by Jule Cho

The cutest sweater I've ever seen! Can't wait to grab his adorable cottontail!

Rabit Sweater & Star Denim Jean (Coming soon!)


COMFY - Fall Collection

Posted October 13, 2013 by Sue Baik

This outfit is for girls who enjoy style and comfort in 
their everyday lives. 
 17 Sweats with Can Can Skirt.

CHARMING - Fall Collection

Posted October 10, 2013 by Sue Baik

This charming dress will look effortlessly chic wearing 
it to school or having fun in the pumpkin patch this fall. 
 French Dress in Indian Red and Mint Blue

Everyday with belle la vie_Day 13

Posted October 06, 2013 by Sue Baik

Sisters matched Boatneck Strip Tee in two different ways. 
 Active Look - Boatneck Stripe Tee + Chino Cargo Pants
       Feminine Look - Boatneck Stripe Tee + skit + Lace Short Leggings

PLAYFUL - Fall Collection

Posted October 04, 2013 by Sue Baik

Playful - one of our fall collection. What more can a 
kid ask if she is wearing an outfit that is comfortable,
playful and stylish. Our one of a kind "Butterfly Vest"
is so unique that it will make any girl stand out from 
the crowd. 
 Kitty Tee + Denim Mini + Butterfly Vest

Everyday with belle la vie_Day 12

Posted September 30, 2013 by Sue Baik

Inspire children through Art at the museum! 
 Sisters on a trip to the museum, wearing
Dalmatian Tunic Dress and Puff Sleeves Blouse

Everyday with belle la vie_Day 10

Posted September 29, 2013 by Jule Cho

 Blue dress with back ribon & Mary jane shoes is perfect item for museum date outfit!